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  • How do I update or change my billing information?
    Did you get a new card or simply want to change what account your membership comes out of? No problem - simply call your local Studio 22 Fitness location during our staffed hours and we can update your information over the phone OR you can log into your membership account online and update your information by following the steps below. Log In To Your Account Click on your profile picture in the top right corner - Select "View Profile" Select the "My Payment Preferences" Tab Click the pencil icon next to your name Enter in your new payment information - Click Save Your billing information will be then updated and any future payments will be charged to this account.
  • How do I cancel my membership?
    Per the terms of all our membership agreements - memberships must be cancelled online or in person at a Studio 22 Fitness location during our staffed hours. Memberships cannot be cancelled via phone, email, or text message. All membership accounts must be in good financial standing in order to be eligible to be cancelled no matter the membership type. A $99 early termination fee applies to any 12 month membership that the initial 12 month commitment as not been fulfilled. Cancellation requests MUST be received by the 25th of the month by 5:00 PM to avoid any Monthly Dues being charged on the 1st of the following month.
  • When is my monthly billing date?
    All monthly membership payments are debited on the 1st of each month.
  • Do I have to have a form of payment on file?
    Yes! Having a form of billing on file helps us help you. It can help prevent accounts from becoming delinquent, which prevents you from being charged additional fees for both missing payments and not having billing on file. More importantly it can help prevent you from being denied entry to the facilities due to delinquency. Members are able to pre-pay in cash at the Front Desk prior to the 25th of any month to avoid having payment debited from credit or checking account.
  • Can I pay in cash?
    Any initial joining fees or prorated membership fees due when initially signing up can be paid with cash as well as any Paid in Full membership options such as; Day Passes, Trial Memberships, 1 Month Paid In Full, or time specific Student Memberships. Members are able to pre-pay in cash at the Front Desk prior to the 25th of any month to avoid having payment debited from credit or checking account.
  • Can I freeze my membership?
    We do not freeze memberships unless it is for a prolonged medical reason/condition that prevents your from using our facilities. A signed explanation from your medical provider must be submitted indicating reasoning as well as timeframe. Monthly billing and access will resume automatically once designated freeze period is completed.
  • What is Beyond Green Solutions?
    Any membership accounts that are over 90 days past due are sent to a third party collections agency; Beyond Green Solutions Please reach out to them at 585-450-2775 or visit them online if you have received a collections notice from them and to make payment arrangements.
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