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Member Spotlight - Mark D.

Mark has been a member at Studio 22 Fitness since last December. He has come to the gym almost everyday, and comes two times on days he has spare time. Mark is a lifelong gym-goer and has a lot of expertise in the gym. He has been seen spotting for other members trying to lift heavy at Studio 22, and giving some advice to get the most out of their lift.

We asked him just how he stays motivated to keep coming back and working hard each day.

1. What got you into fitness?

" I played several sports growing up and fell in love with soccer. As I got into my late teens I still enjoyed soccer but wanted more for “me”. My older brothers had some weights and an old weight bench in the basement that I would mess around with. I liked both the physical feeling and the feeling of accomplishment. I got up the nerve to join a gym, Samson’s Gym in Rochester and I’ve never looked back. "

2. What do you like most about exercise/fitness?

" I love the feeling of the “pump”, I love the mental calm that it brings me. "

3. What are some benefits that you have seen while working out?

" I know that any type of exercise, whether it is weights, swimming, or biking helps benefit the body as well as the mind. "

4. What motivates you to exercise?

" At 53 years old and 33 years of being in the gym, I need no motivation. Once bitten by the 'bug', the gym becomes a part of a lifelong process. "

5. What is your least favorite exercise?

" I don’t have a least favorite exercise. "

6. Why did you choose to come to Studio 22 Fitness?

" The first day that I walked into Studio 22 I knew right then and there that I, along with my family, would become members. The equipment is state of the art, the gym is super clean and the hours are perfect, 24/7. "

7. What is a good tip you have or have been told when it comes to fitness?

" My tips are pretty simple; Show up no matter how tired you are, & It’s not how much weight you can lift, but how you lift it. "


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